The Best Stoner Gadgets for the Discreet Smoker


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Not every stoner is lucky enough to live in a state championing early legalization, or a home where there roommates or families are cool with a cloud of smoke hanging in the air at any given time. For you, our secret smoker, we provide this list of the best products for discreet smoking. Any time you need to keep your smoke session on the down-low, you can utilize these tools to aid you in your stealth.


1. The Sploofy

Sploofy’s are a classic tool for discrete smoking, and we at Stoner Toolbox believe this gadget is the holy grail of the secret smoker. The Sploofy is an air filter that is designed to absorb the smell of marijuana smoke so as not to give away what you’re doing in your car, apartment, dorm room, or wherever you aren’t allowed to openly smoke. To use the Sploofy, the stoner would take a hit and then put their mouth on the holed-side of the device and exhale all of the smoke into it. This is a lightweight product that can easily be carried in your pocket or bag, and is utilized by the creators of Stoner Toolbox often.

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2. Pringles Stash Can Diversion Safe

This hilarious stash can is designed to look like any other unremarkable snack lying around your house. If you need a place to hide your ganja or small smoking tools and have a nosy roommate (preferably one who doesn’t eat junk food), this jar should be at the top of your list. It even claims to produce a sound when shaken that imitates what an actual Pringles jar sounds like. Warning: Munchies may be induced when using this product, so you may want to keep an actual stash of Pringles on hand just in case.
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3. Smoke Odor Exterminator

Have you ever had a smoke session interrupted by a call from an anti-weed family member letting you know they are planning to drop by later to see you? If so, you have probably experienced the mad dash to hide every bong and stash jar and do what you can to eliminate the smoke’s lingering odor in your place. If opening the windows and lighting a few candles doesn’t quite do the trick, add this air freshening spray into the mix and see if it helps. There’s only so many times that you can get away with the “skunk crawled in through the window” excuse before Aunt Julie catches on.

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4.  The Roll-uh-Bowl

Recently featured on our site, this fold-able bong is great for taking on the go when you need to travel more discretely. The Roll-uh-Bowl is made out of a high-grade silicone that can easily be rolled up and thrown into a small bag or a sweatshirt pocket. Great for camping trips or just a visit to your favorite stoner friend’s pad, this stealthy bong is a win for discrete gadgets.

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5.  Hidden Watch Herb Grinder

This grinder was featured in another blog post, but we just can’t get over how innovative this design is. To the unsuspecting eye, this seems to just be your run-of-the mill timepiece, but the face actually opens up to a fully functioning grinder that can be used to prepare your product on-the-go or in settings where a larger, more heavy-duty grinder might give you away. Not only does this appear to be a watch, but it really does keep time. We love when stoner gadgets are not only unique, but also incredibly functional. Choose from either red or blue to fit your taste, and it’ll always be time to roll one up!

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