Stoner Toolbox Review: The Nuggy


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The Nuggy, created by, combines a multitude of gadgets that will make your smoking experience as effortless as possible. We received this product in exchange for an honest review. If you have a product you’d like to share with the Stoner Toolbox community, please visit our Contact page.

Back to the Nuggy: this dope tool can be purchased on sale for $29.75 from their website, and can also be found on Amazon. This is a purchase that you will get use out of no matter how often — or how, in general — you smoke. The product features ten different tools in one, and we at Stoner Toolbox are amazed to have found what seems to be the essence of a stoner’s toolbox within a single product. Dabs, blunts, or bong tokes: you can use the Nuggy for all the various tasks and needs that accompany a good smoke session.

The design of the Nuggy features a dark green and sturdy exterior, with a spring-locking ability. The gadgets can be just the slightest bit difficult to unhook with the first few uses, but as NugTools explains, this is a result of their design taking into account safety and durability so they can bring you the highest quality product possible. That being said, even the Stoner Toolbox founder with the daintiest stoner-lady hands has had no problems using the Nuggy.


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Next, let’s talk about the actual tools included in the Nuggy. The ten tools that make up the Nuggy are as follows: bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, pick, scraper, clip, LED flashlight, scissors, tamper, spoon, and knife. See NugTools’ Top 10 Ways to Use the Nuggy for a rundown of options for each feature. The tools that we have been using most include the spoon, which is excellent for transferring kief to the bowl without making a mess or losing product, and the pick, which cleans out clogged bowls quickly and efficiently. The roach clip is also an excellent addition, as NugTools also provides a how-to guide on rolling a blunt using their product.

Overall, we at Stoner Toolbox are remarkably impressed with this tool and have it at the ready right next to our stash. The Nuggy comes highly recommended and is the most utilitarian smoking product we have seen on the market. Even the occasional smoker will find the many tools useful to their smoking experience. What we’d love to see incorporated into a future Nuggy 2.0 would be a key-chain feature so we can bring it with us anywhere.

To purchase your own Nuggy, visit You won’t regret it!

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