Massachusetts Sees Cannabis Sales of $2 Million in First Six Days of Recreational Sales

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November 29, 2018, Massachusetts

Recreational cannabis sales have begun in Massachusetts just a week ago. And for now, only two licensed stores are operating in the entire state. However, the figures for the first six days of retail sales suggest that Massachusetts might become the second largest cannabis market right behind California.

According to the statistics furnished by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, the Cultivator in Leicester and New England Treatment Access dispensary in Northampton has racked up more than $2 million in retail sales in the first six days of legal sales.

On the first day, the stores have managed to sell cannabis products of more than $440,000. Luck also played its part to soar the sales for the two stores. Just three days into retail operations and the stores had to carry out their first Black Friday sales. Roughly 12,000 cannabis products worth half a million were sold by both stores on the occasion. On average, around 56,000 cannabis products were sold on these two stores during the first six days.

New England cannabis dispensary

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At New England cannabis dispensary, a war veteran from Iraq was the first customer in the queue. He also spoke to the local media and said that he had been dreaming all his life about the legalization of strain. He also thanked the government and dispensary for being considerate to veterans. It is worth mentioning that cannabis has become a leading therapeutic substance for veterans in the last couple of years.

From chronic pain to PTSD, veterans are using cannabis for treating the conditions where conventional medications have failed in producing any effective result. In 32 states where medical marijuana has got a legal status, veterans make up a large number of MMJ patients.

At Cultivate, the high influx of consumers has created problems for the neighborhood. The Leicester city officials even had to call an emergency meeting to discuss the traffic jams caused by overcrowding at the store. According to the Cultivate’s own figures, more than 1000 consumers are visiting the store every day.

Medical Cannabis

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People living in the neighborhood are not happy with this never-ending bustle. According to one resident living near Cultivate, they have cars parked outside their homes all throughout the week. He has also lamented that the neighborhood has turned into a fishbowl. Amid increased foot traffic, Cultivate is successfully managing its operations. According to one customer, the whole transaction of getting pot from the store is quite smooth.

Voters legalized recreational marijuana in Massachusetts in 2016. However, it takes nearly two years for the authorities to start legal sales. Apart from New England and Cultivators, it has been said that three new retail stores are expected to open in the next few weeks. With the opening of new stores, the load on these two stores will definitely be reduced.

Quite shockingly, retail sales are not always the part of the cannabis legalization measure. For instance, Washington DC and Vermont have also legalized the recreational strain. However, the retail sale is still not allowed in both these jurisdictions.

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