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News / Leafly - 5 days ago

The Top Trending CBD Cannabis Strains

Searching for some fresh CBD strains? Here are the top trending CBD-dominant cannabis strains and where you can find them. The post The Top Trending CBD Cannabis Strains appeared first on Leafly.

News / Weed World Magazine - 6 days ago

TV/Movie Review – Hereditary – by PSY23

Horror movies tend to fall into certain categories, whether it’s slasher, supernatural or psychological, but they are often intrinsically linked by one key factor: sub-par acting. Not to tar the whole of the genre with the same brush, it’s just that...

News / LeafBuyer - 6 days ago

Can THC Tolerance Be Quantified?

With the rapid rise of cannabis consumption in the United States, researchers, lawmakers, and consumers have set their sights on uncovering the effects of chemical compounds found in marijuana. One particular question on their minds is: can THC toler...