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Culture / High Times - 3 weeks ago

How to Get a Dispensary License in Canada

Last week, Canada made history as the second country in the world to legalize cannabis for adults. And at the moment the demand for retail dispensaries is in excess of how many there are, presenting an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to move in...

Culture / High Times - 3 weeks ago

Enjoy the Benefits of CBD at Hotels Across America

There’s no getting away from the worldwide CBD craze. It’s permeated a number of industries outside of cannabis, from beauty and cosmetics to travel and accommodations. Hotels across the country have embraced the trend by offering an array of C...

Culture / High Times - 3 weeks ago

How to Fill Juul Pods with THC Oil

The future we envisioned as children didn’t include people sucking on flash drive-like devices to get their nicotine fix. Juul vaporizers have found their way into the hands of millions. Most people use them to quit cigarettes. Others use them...