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by LeafAlert - 2 days ago

Vancouverites Mobilize in Solidarity with Land Protectors

CANNABIS CULTURE – On Tuesday January 8, thousands of people gathered in the streets of Vancouver to demonstrate communal opposition to actions taken by the RCMP, Superior Courts and Federal Government imposing pipelines on unceded First Nations lan...

by LeafAlert - 2 days ago

Marijuana Legalization Bill Killed by Virginia Lawmakers

Two Virginia bills that would have legalized marijuana in the state were killed by a legislative committee on Wednesday. The House of Delegates Courts of Justice Committee also shot down several measures that would have decriminalized cannabis by 5-...

by LeafAlert - 3 days ago

The Cannabis Lobby Is Upping Its Presence In Washington DC

It’s shaping up to be another big year for cannabis, as politicians and policymakers move to destigmatize, decriminalize, and — in some cases — legalize the drug nationwide. In New York, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently presented his plan to le...